Favorite Products – April

You’d think the weather would get nicer but this gloomy weather lately is draining our energy. No need 🙂 There’s nail therapy 😛 ..  My nails, believe it or not, have been lifting my spirits up. My favorite nail colors from all the ones I tried this month are:
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Mint sorbet – Beautiful mint green, so calming and joyful
Maybelline new nail color collection in Pinkalicious – I love pink, but this is like a perfect Barbie Pink
Maybelline in Sweet Tangerine – A nice orange, not tooooo bright but not too pale either, it’s soo… Tangerine-ish haha!!
Lip colors this month… I’ve been obsessing over:
Raffael Cosmetic Love Lust #448 – Dab some on, a cute barbie pink (YES pink!), leaves the lips so moist and it’s sooo pigmented you don’t need to layer coats. Oh! Did I mention it lasts? Yup!!
Mai Couture Social Gloss in Femme Fatale #1002 – Got this in my glossy box last month and wow i love the texture of it and the smell? Oh the smell!! Haha, no but it’s a nice light pink over my lipstick!

That’s it for my favorite products for the month of April. I’m trying to experiment different products I already have. I feel like I neglect some things because I tend to fall into my everyday pattern but I need re-discover other products I already have all over again!! 
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Till next time xox


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