Glymm Box – May 2012

ImageI know I said I was gonna film a Youtube video but unfortunately due to sad and unforeseen news, it wasn’t the right time for me to film…. The glymm box this month, for me, was a total disappointment in more ways than one. There are ups and downs to this box but my overall thoughts weren’t great!!
First they did not send that cute pink box that I love but for good reasons, they’re going green but i still think they could’ve done something slightly nicer even with the actual packaging box itself they sent us.
Once I opened the box and saw all those samples, I was like “Cool! there’s a lot of stuff” but then as I was looking at the sizes and everything I was disappointed. Here’s what I got:
Caudalie – SOS Thirst-Quenching serum (teeny/tiny sample)
Caudalie – Moisturizing sorbet for sensitive skin (teeny/tiny sample)
Caudalie – Anti-age serum for eyes and lips (0.3 oz sample)
Coola – Mineral face sunblock SPF 30 (5ml sample)
NuMe – Hydrating conditioner for dry coloured hair (20ml sample)
2 CK one – Shock me for him and her (small sample)
Cargo – Duo eye shadow in light pink and charcoal both with shimmer (full size)
Glymm makeup bag in pink (decent size)

So yes! Its many little items but I dont think the sizes are enough to convince me to buy if ever I want. Especially the hair conditioner, my hair is soo thick and dry that I’m sure it won’t even be enough for my ends haha! I loved the little makeup bag, very useful and it’s PINK 😀 The duo eyeshadow is decent size but i don’t like the shimmer it looks like it would fall everywhere, also the texture of the shadow is a little (just a bit) too chalky for my liking. Anyway, we’ll see next month if Glymm steps it up 🙂 As for the next box, i’ll try to film the unboxing 🙂 xox


5 thoughts on “Glymm Box – May 2012

  1. awkwardcelebrity says:

    I never heard of Glymm box. I’ve been wanting to sign up for one of these beauty sample boxes like Birchbox and Glambag but I don’t know which one to do. The samples do look pretty small but I will say that I love Caudalie products I think you can get more Caudalie samples at Sephora.


    • Christina Paras says:

      I’m in Canada, but you can get Glymm box in the States as well! Last box I was really impressed this month not as much but the products are still pretty good quality even though the samples are small. I don’t believe I’ve tried caudalie before but it’ll be nice to try it. 🙂


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