Hello Beauties!
So many events coming up? Don’t know what to pack in ur clutch in order to touch up your makeup?
Many bring too much and others not enough. Here’s a little tip on what you should need.

Foundation powder or a translucent powder. The whole point of bringing this along is throughout the night we often get oily in the T-Zone. So with a fluffy powder brush lightly powder the oily areas of your face in order to keep looking flawless especially if taking pictures (you don’t want to look like a disco ball 😛 ).
Oil absorbing sheets or not…. If you have an excessive case of oil throughout the night you can always bring along oil absorbing sheets or if you don’t want to drag all that stuff with you. Take a sheet of toilet paper, seperate the layers, take one layer and dab the oil away then touch up with powder.
Lipstick, liner and or lipgloss. You eat, drink, talk, wipe… your lipstick slightly wears off. Always looks better with a fresh coat of colour rather than a washed off pigment on 😉

This is optional:
If you used a Kohl or regular pencil liner, normally those tend to leak, bringing it along won’t hurt.

Why not bring mascara. Often I see ladies touching up their mascara in the powder room, unless you forgot to put before you left your home, you don’t need to touch up it’ll only make it clumpier and spider looking and its no longer flattering.

Have a nice weekend and enjoy your night out… or day out, which ever 😛

Christina Paras (1)


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