Wedding cry tips!!

Hello Beauties and Brides!!
I got inspired by a client for this post…
Everyone cries at weddings and this can totally ruin your makeup.
Here are some do’s and don’ts to make sure you keep your makeup as perfect as possible on your wedding day.

DON’T pile up a mask of foundation on your face. If you cry too much, to the point where it runs down your face it’ll streak. Keep your foundation simple and light. Make sure its the perfect shade and not darker than your skintone.

DO use a water-proof mascara (not recommended for daily use and it’s more like water-resistant)

DON’T wipe your tears away, dab with a kleenex and air your eyes to dry them. Yes! very girly 😛

DON’T put eyeliner at the bottom waterline. If anything avoid putting anything at lower lashline. If you really feel like you have to, then just line the bottom using a matte dark brown or black eyeshadow.

DO dab away any oil and dirt with either an oil absorbing sheet or a one-layer toilet paper sheet.

DO touch up with powder after removing excess oil.

DON’T ever rub your eyes the day of your wedding, you’ll smudge your eye shadow and liner.

That’s the best thing I can suggest.
Thanks to Jennifer 😉
Enjoy your day Ladies!!


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