Hello beauties,
A little of contouring can make a huge difference! Contouring the right way is also important. You need one shade of foundation or cream foundation that matches your skin tone and an other that’s 2-3 shades darker depending on the look desired.
In the pictures below I’m wearing Raffael cosmetics cream sticks in C2 as a light shade and C7 as a darker shade.
Basically you have to trace your face, the darker is used as shade and the lighter is used to make the area stand out.
You can sculpt mainly your cheekbones, correct your nose, dark circles…
After tracing the areas where you want shade or pronounce use a damp “beauty blender” sponge or a regular damp sponge: starting with the light shade first blend blend blend but don’t rub, dab your sponge.
Here’s an example of before and after. I kept this look rather natural. (No filter)



Enjoy xox


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