Prep before makeup appointment

Hello Ladies!
A lot of people when they book makeup appointments expect to have Photoshop looking skin. Yes we have a variety of makeup to accommodate different skin types but if you don’t prep your skin we unfortunately cannot work miracles.
When you know you have an appointment booked, a couple of days before you should GENTLY exfoliate your skin and make sure you hydrate well. A good canvas helps the makeup artist produce a much more smoother finish.
Drinking lots of water helps hydrate skin as well and this is not just for makeup but for your every day routine and body.
The morning of your appointment make sure you rinsed your face and have no makeup residue left from any previous makeup application and put a very light hydrating cream.
Doing so will help the final results, you’ll be happier with the look and you’ll feel like you got your moneys worth.
Hope this helps xox


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