2015 Makeup Goals

Hi Beauties!

I’ll try to keep this as short as possible but feel like i have SO much to say, just wanted to share with you my 2015 resolutions and progress of 2014.

It’s pretty simple, I dont like making too many resolutions and I like to keep it simple without over-promising! I dont want to give precise info or a specific number cause I rather over deliver.

I’ll try my best in every way possible to keep this going all year long. 🙂

My first goal is to try to post more often on my blog and Instagram.

My second goal is to try to remember to take pics of all of my work and post more looks. (I’m terrible at remembering to take pics of my clients, thank God I have photoshoots here and there! lol)

This year I would like to start finalizing the “look” of my work. In other words, this blog, my logo, my cards and everything related to my makeup is “temporary” until I find myself in the world of makeup and I think I’ve reached that stage. I’ve perfected some personal and makeup goals and feel ready to project the image I have in my head of my work to you guys.

2014 was a great year in many ways in my life from personal things to makeup. I got married to my best friend and most amazing partner. He supports me in every way and thank God everyday to have him in my life. One of my best friends got pregnant and is expecting a beautiful baby girl in February 2015. I gained a makeup partner, my sister, my best friend. She’s so talented it’s crazy, she learned so quickly she went pro in no time! I couldn’t ask for more. I’ve done makeup on the most beautiful people this year inside and out. I was blessed with such great and friendly clients, funny and most caring wedding parties!! None of my appointments felt like a job… It was amazing!

I’m hoping 2015 will be just as great as 2014, if not better! I also wanted to congratulate once again all my 2014 brides. Thank you to all my clients and friends you made my year extra special.

Happy New Year, be safe and all the best for 2015. Lots of health, happiness, inner peace and lots of love.



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