Must-have eye makeup brushes


Must-have brushes for any makeup look.. From top:
-A small semi-dense dome brush, natural bristles: perfect for applying color in crease and slightly blend crease. Also this is perfect for a cut-crease eye look.
-A fluffy blending brush, natural bristles: perfect to blend (obv) and feathering out colour in the crease and outer corner. Leaves a light amount of color. This is nice for a light, natural, well-blended and feathered eye look.
-Flat dense brush, natural bristles: perfect to apply, layer and build colours by pressing onto lid.
-A flat angled brush, synthetic bristles: apply gel liner and create a cat eye or a smokey cat eye.
-Large fluffy dome blending brush, duo-fibre: blend blend blend any harsh lines.
-2 last: depending on what u prefer using on urself: either a thin straight liner brush or a thin straight, bent brush, both synthetic bristles: to apply liner, line the bottom water line or tightline. The bent one is good for beginners or for very precise liner application.

Pro brushes (expensive): bdellium, Mac, Morphe.
Great quality, good prices: sigma and raffael cosmetics.
Decent quality, great prices: coastal scents

Thank you xox


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