Christina Paras:
I freelance makeup artist based in Montreal & Laval! It’s been my passion forever, I love creating new and unique looks.
I’ve done weddings, photo shoots, local fashion shows, events, special effect looks and other special occasions!! Don’t believe me? Go  see the section Portfolio on the top to see some of my work, follow my Instagram: cpmakeup or go to sidebar in Blogroll and click on the link My YouTube Channel.
When I’m doing makeup, aside from looking super concentrated and serious,  I love to have fun and joke around. I  always want to make sure everyone feels comfortable. I love what I do and I know it shows through my work. The end results speak for themselves and who ever has worked with me knows that. The most important part of my job is to listen to your makeup needs and try to help you work with your style 😉

On my blog you will find lots of tips, pictures, my youtube videos, comments, product reviews, outfits of the day, favorite products of the month and lots lots more!

If you want to get to know me better, here are things about me that are not related to makeup. For those who already know me already know this: I love shoes! I have a shoe-fetish! If I’m having a bad day, shoes Make my day, but when I say that  it’s not about buying a new pair of shoes every bad day. It’s about wearing them with a cute outfit.  Also I don’t go crazy shoe shopping, I still have some self-control. I buy new shoes mostly in spring or fall but I always wear ALL my shoes. I take really good care of my shoes too (unless its my winter boots or work shoes). I also like fashion and try my best to follow the trendiest looks. I’m not a nail polish person, I have nice healthy nails so it’s rare you’ll see me wearing nail polish. That’s it for fashion related things.

Random every day basic things… I really enjoy coffee. If I can have a coffee all the time, I would. My favorite choices of coffee would be lattes, any kind  ex.: gingerbread latte, pumpkin spice latte, caramel latte… So yummy!
I’m very creative and I’ve done many things and took many different classes, some are even random: makeup (duh!), singing, violin, ceramic class, accounting, wedding planning, ballet, ballet-Jazz, Latin dance, Zumba and painting. I love doing arts and crafts but I never have the time to actually get into heavy projects, maybe one day 😉
I like to make people laugh. I have 2 sisters and they know, I always joke around. I always twist words around and turn them into other funny things but I can’t always do that it’s not always appropriate 😛 . I love my sisters, they’re my best friends and I would do anything for them. One is older and one is younger. We do almost everything together and we thank God everyday for giving us such loving siblings. We lost a cousin which she was/is considered like a sister, we were really close and she was a true inspiration in our everyday life! I think of her every day even though I never talk about it. She’s always in my heart and a part of me feels gone with her! My blog and posts are all dedicated to her since she was my #1 fan and still is up in heaven!!

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