Our Goal

Hello Beauties!!

First I’d like to thank you for taking the time to read this.
Being a makeup artist makes me so happy and has kind of changed my life in a way. Working with colors, people and enhancing peoples beautiful features is beyond art and has made me see the positive side in life. It became an amazing privilege to work on such great people and meeting new people! When my clients tell me at the end of the day: “WOW! I look gorgeous!” and feel great in their own skin, that is what makes me really happy, it’s knowing that. I don’t try to change a person’s image or style, I listen to them and work with my clients style and lifestyle.

My sister Maria Paras has joined me on this makeup artistry journey. She’s amazing and very creative, because of her background in interior designing and drafting; it gave her a quick ability to create these colorful hues that make peoples features stand out.

We have  big dreams in life but we’re obviously taking this a day at a time. In life we have to take a step at a time and all our opportunities are a stepping stone to get to where we would like to be.

Our main goal is to facilitate your hectic events. We all know that when planning a wedding, or any event for that matter, there’s so much running around involved. Everyone always wishes to save time and drive as least as possible and that’s where we come in.
WE come to you in order to make things easier, relaxing, time-saving and to make you look perfect for your event in the comfort of your own home.

Please support!! Follow our blog!! Follow us on:

Instagram: cpmakeup

Our facebook page: Christina Paras Makeup

On Pinterest: Christina Paras

For all business offers and bookings please email us at christina.paras@yahoo.ca

Christina & Maria Paras



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