Knowing weddings and big events can become hectic and easily disorganized; we make it easier for you, we come to you!

Services offered: 

Regular Makeup 65$ 

Airbrush Makeup 85$ 

Semi-pro makeup seminar 250$*
* Seminar is a 5h semi-private class, we can either separate in 2 days or condense in one day only, I cover the basics of makeup while working on a demo, product recommendation and much much more. A non-refundable deposit of 35$ is required upon reservation and deducted from total.

Basic seminar 90$ (3h class, on demo)

False Lashes are NOT included in the prices above due to supplier changes and quality. Prices on lashes may vary between styles starting from 5$ a pair to 20$ additional to your service.

Bridal Parties
Private Courses or group
Seminars Semi-professional
Professional Classes (part time)

Note: A 25$ deposit is required for each appointment requested and will be deducted from your service of the day of your event/wedding. Requesting your appointment is not a guarantee until you receive a confirmation by email or text after your request. Prices may vary depending on the specifics of each service.

Email me or fill out your information below to book your appointment also for further details, information and prices:


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