Makeup’s been up to lately

Yes yes, I didn’t forget to update šŸ˜›
Lately I felt like totally changing up my makeup routine. Since I was on holidays I wasn’t in the mood for any heavy look. Since then I feel like this “new” routine has stuck to me, but it’s more like I’m addicted to theĀ overall finished look. It has thatĀ matte but glowyĀ summer look with a lightĀ sunkiss tan, not too over-done but excentuates my features!
I normally NEVER skip out onĀ the foundation. If anything I wear liquidĀ foundation every time I wear makeup. During my holdiays, I was not in the mood for heavy makeup at all. Before starting I obviously moisturized andĀ put a primer.
I used the dual powder by Raffael Cosmetics in C4 – C5 (I normally use C2-C3). I always contour my face with mineralized skin finish by MAC in medium-dark. For blush my new favorite color is by Raffael Cosmetics in Joy #220Ā it’s a peachy-pink that has a light gold-ish shine to it (as shown in the picture below). It’s perfect for highlighting the cheeks or even alone as a blush and I mix in a touch of pink blush to give itĀ a boost of colorĀ like Raffael Cosmetics in Playful #309 it’s a bit of dark pink so I use just a little.

As for eyes I’ve been keeping it simple with liquid liner and the mascara ProĀ from Raffael Cosmetics.
Lip liner I use Sienna by Raffael and lipstick I’m using either MAC – Angel or Raffael – Chouchou wichever I grab first (they’re both almost identical).

IĀ recently went shoe shopping mania (obviously!) šŸ˜›Ā soĀ I’m gonna take some pictures and post them up very soon šŸ˜‰ Don’t forget I love shoes just as much as makeup!!!

For details on Raffael cosmetics or where to purchase Raffael cosmeticsĀ please email me at christina.paras@yahoo.caĀ and don’t be shy šŸ˜‰

(This is NOT sponsored by any company what so ever. These are my own opinions andĀ all products were purchased on my own.)




I was away on vacation for almost 2 weeks! I’m now back! Have some great things to share with you I will probably beĀ doing a video this weekend for a haul (makeup, shoes and clothes),Ā I will be posting my most used products on my vacation and my favorite products for the month of July.
I got my Glossy box and my Glymm bag for July but IĀ won’t be posting details on those two,Ā causeĀ I’m searching new ideas for the use of thoseĀ samples orĀ different ways of presenting the samples.Ā If you have any ideas, or want me to continue posting the productsĀ and details or evenĀ a suggestionĀ please comment belowĀ šŸ™‚
I’m gladĀ to be back and will be updatingĀ very very soon šŸ˜€