Glymm Box – January 2013

First Glymm box of the year!

As you all know, I chose this box as my only subscribtion (if you wanna know why, go see my previous post)…

Ok, so this is what I got in my january edition:

-Metallic silver/bronzy makeup case
-Coolway Boost serum: sample up to 5 uses. This is a hair restoring serum activated by low heat.
-360 skincare Lavender mint firming serum: sample up to 14 uses. Makes skin vibrant, youthful and radiant. Oh and Cruelty FREE 😉
-Lashem Double trouble Mascara: sample up to 14 uses. Suppose to enhance lash growth, gives volume and good for sensitve and fragile lashes… Interesting! 😛
-La Fresh Facial cleansing wipes: got 2 samples, 2 uses.  Perfect for on-th-go!
-Burts bees moisturizing cream: extra sample…

On the little booklet, there’s a promotion for a limited time only Sheswai nail lacquer trio for 36$ value of 48$. Also Lashem dynamic duo (mascara and liquid liner) for 32$ value of 40$.

I haven’t tried any products yet but every few months I’ll be posting a favorite beauty box samples and let you know which ones made me want or actually buy full size products.
To subscribe to this beauty box, click on the link on the right side bar: Subscribe to Glymm box HERE.


Beauty Boxes and which ONE i chose!!

Hello beauties,

So when I first started blogging I was posting all my beauty boxes. Then I didn’t feel like being annoying so i stopped showing what I was receiving. I was subscribed to 3 boxes: Glymm box, Glossy Box and Top box.
There is big difference in not only prices but also in the type of products.
Glossy box: was initially 15$ canadian shipping incl and it had a variety of drugstore products. This box had mainly full size products but in my opinion this was quantity over quality. Then the price went up to 21$ canadian and they added a small magazine with details on the products. I liked this box and the concept, i also liked the fact that I was getting a nice reusable box.

Glymm box: It was 11.50$ with shipping and although the samples were a lot smaller and fewer, the quality of the products were much more higher end. I would say this box is Quality over quantity. It is now 15$ per box and they send the products in a nice reusable makeup bag.

Top box: I wasn’t subscribed long enough to entirely compare with the others but the 2 first boxes didn’t fully impress me, there was a lot of hair products, makeup and rebate cards to products that were higher end. The samples were small and was barely able to really TEST the product. I believe it was 12$ every month and it came in a recycled cylinder box which to me was not useful or reusable in any way.

Now the winner for MY needs and expectations is Glymm. Don’t get me wrong it was an extremely tough choice cause they were all different in their own way. But MY goal was to try to find new and quality products. I wanted samples of products that I wouldn’t just randomly spend at a drugstore but wouldn’t chance buying expensive creams that I didn’t know the end results and waste my money. I also liked the fact that it came with a makeup bag. Sure they weren’t FULL size products but it was enough to make me try and see a difference. I had a tough choice between Glossy and Glymm cause they each had their own pros and cons. For me in the end it was quality over quantity and that’s why I chose Glymm. (also the products are always all available online and easy to shop from the site).
So I will be posting what I get in my Glymm boxes from now on.
Don’t think this was an easy choice for me, if i could’ve I would’ve kept all my subscribtions but unfortunately I didn’t feel the need.
Looking forward to sharing the glymm products.

Note: this is MY choice, MY opinion and may not be the same for your expectations and needs.

Pretty smart lips?!

Mind games these titles 😛
I call it pretty smart lips, why you ask? It’s all about the lips… Noooooo it’s because the lipstick is CALLED pretty smart from Raffael Cosmetics. HAAAAHAAAA Got you… or not! 😛

Lately the weather here has been cold, really really cold! So aside from the really pink cheeks due to the extreme cold, I found my face looked blahhhhh.
So I played around with some lip colors to see which would be nice to wear everyday but not too much and then this one caught my attention! It’s been a week now, I wear this look almost every day, the only difference is the eye liner. For a more dramatic look I’ve been wearing black liquid eyeliner or brown depending on what I’m doing or if its only for work I only wear mascara.
It completes a basic look without looking too much, according to some coworkers I look “polished”. Not only is it a nice lip color but it’s also very lasting and does not dry out my lips.

Wedding Bells

Happy New Year everyone, may 2013 bring lots of success for you guys, health before anything and happiness!!! Hope you guys enjoyed the holidays…
A few months ago, way before the holidays my boyfriend for 2 years proposed! It was like in the movies, so perfect and totally unpredictable! 😀
I wanted to know if any of you was interested to know how we are approaching our wedding planning and ideas also how we are organizing everything so far. If I get a few requests I’ll make a post just on the planning and the approach. If not I’ll stick to just makeup posts 😛 (ps. I took wedding planning classes, that’s why I wanted to share. It won’t be sharing just random opinions of how I think it should be done)
Comment below if you guys would like to hear more of the story and the planning 😛

Yayy! Talk to you soon 🙂 xox



(To my lovely cousin… Everyday I think of her and I know I’ve said this before but she was my #1 fan and although she’s not physically here with me sharing my plans like she did with me for her wedding,  I know she’s watching and helping as much as she can from heaven. All my posts are dedicated to her, she was always the first one to read them and call me to talk about it. I love you and miss you)