Wedding Bells

Happy New Year everyone, may 2013 bring lots of success for you guys, health before anything and happiness!!! Hope you guys enjoyed the holidays…
A few months ago, way before the holidays my boyfriend for 2 years proposed! It was like in the movies, so perfect and totally unpredictable! 😀
I wanted to know if any of you was interested to know how we are approaching our wedding planning and ideas also how we are organizing everything so far. If I get a few requests I’ll make a post just on the planning and the approach. If not I’ll stick to just makeup posts 😛 (ps. I took wedding planning classes, that’s why I wanted to share. It won’t be sharing just random opinions of how I think it should be done)
Comment below if you guys would like to hear more of the story and the planning 😛

Yayy! Talk to you soon 🙂 xox



(To my lovely cousin… Everyday I think of her and I know I’ve said this before but she was my #1 fan and although she’s not physically here with me sharing my plans like she did with me for her wedding,  I know she’s watching and helping as much as she can from heaven. All my posts are dedicated to her, she was always the first one to read them and call me to talk about it. I love you and miss you)


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