Fav nudes

Here’s a list of my Favorite Nude Lippies

Lip liners:

Mac Lip pencil in shade Spice
Mac Lip pencil in shade StripDown
NYX lip pencil in shade Nude Suede Shoes (very long lasting)

Lip Sticks or Lip Stains:

Mac lipstick in shade Angel
NYX liquid lipstick Lingerie  in shade Baby doll
Tarteist lip stain in shade Birthday Suit
NYX Liquid lipstick in shade Stockholm
Mac lipstick in shade Cream  Cup

The darker outline and lighter on the inside of the lip is super nice and makes lips appear a little plumpier.

I love any of these difference combos and I always mix to have different looks.


Face routine – BRIDES

Hello beauties!

Since I get a lot concerns from brides and anyone in a bridal party for that matter. I decided I was going to give my best pre-wedding face routine I have.

For one, do not get a facial within the week or 2 prior to your big day. You’ll most probably break out. A facial is meant to deeply cleanse the skin therefore all impurities tend to come out within that week or next following your facial.

Ingredients you’ll be needing:

  1. Baking soda
  2. Coconut oil
  3. Grounded coffee
  4. Night-time Moisturizer

The week of your wedding every night I recommend cleansing with a natural and underestimated product… baking soda. Take a tablespoon of baking soda in a small cup and add a bit of water, enough to turn it into a paste. Remove all makeup with either a wipe or a cloth and regular face cleanser. Rinse your face, then slowly and very gently massage the baking soda all over for about a minute, especially around the nose area. Rinse well and pat dry with a towel. Use your favorite night time moisturizer.

The night before the big day, I recommend the following. Take 2 tablespoons of raw organic coconut oil with a teaspoon of ground coffee, mix well. Remove all makeup once again, cleanse face with your favorite cleanser. Pat dry. With clean fingers, work the coconut oil and coffee bean mix onto your skin using circular motion. Again slowly and very gently massage all over for a good minute or so. You can even sit and enjoy some relaxing music. Rinse with help of a cloth. It’s ok if you have a bit of an oily residue, do not remove it. Let that oily residue seep into your skin overnight for extra moisture and hydration. 

If you are worried about oily skin, don’t worry!!

In the morning just rinse your face very well and that’s it! Don’t need to put anything else. 

Just remember oily skin is easier to work with than having dry, patchy skin. Trust me!!

That’s it, hope you enjoy this.


Nars creamy vs fitMe dupe?


I decided to put this to the “test”. I’m a HUGE fan of the Nars radiant creamy concealer in shade Vanilla. So I figured let me try out for real to see if it’s really a dupe.

I got the lightest shade for the FitMe concealer in #10

I compared both on my hand and right there I noticed the color was wayyy off. Maybelline fit me was darker, yellow undertone and felt like a lighter formula.

Nars is light, peachy undertone and very thick and coveragey.

So for me it was a total miss and almost disappointing from all the things I heard.


Let me know what else you’d like for me to test.


My foundation routine

Hello it’s been ages since I’ve done one. 

I have horrible, dry & patchy skin. I always want my makeup to be glowy as possible and fresh looking. So here goes my summer foundation routine:

Benefit POREfessional face primer

Nars radiant creamy concealer in shade Vanilla (use for under eyes and highlight)

MAC cosmetics face and body foundation in shade C2

MAC mineralize\loose powder in light 

Nars bronzing powder in Laguna

Foundation is blended with beauty blender and powder with large powder brush and angled blush brush for contouring both from Morphe.

Thank you, let me know what you want me to post next?!


Outfit & Makeup


Here are the details on my outfit from last night and makeup.


Camel faux-suede crop top and black high waist jeans from Forever 21.

Black studded faux-suede sandals (I don’t remember where I got them from 😦 )

Thank you.

If any of you want the makeup details let me know ill detail the products on Instagram sometime. Ig: cpmakeup

Changes on lashes

Hello my beauty queens!

I’ve been using a popular brand for lashes that was pretty affordable but that looked pretty natural. Unfortunetly due to low product availability, I felt obliged to change and find a new supplier. 

So I figured if I was going to change brand might as well get some good quality  lashes… plus who ever knows me really well, they know that they need to be very natural looking. 

Due to these changes prices will not include lashes anymore and depending on style the prices will vary between 5$ to 20$ additional to the service provided.

Thank you for understanding and I’m only doing this for better results 😉 

Love you guys xox 

First impression smashbox primer oil

Hello beauties!

So I thought of sharing my first impression on the new smashbox photo finish primer oil. 

I got a free sample with my Sephora purchases. Since I have extremely dry skin I figured it would be awesome.

It smells very nice. It has a light kind of sweet gentle smell. I applied some with my hands on my clean face with no makeup on just moisturizer. It had a nice smooth consistency, it spread really smoothly. 

I may have put a little bit too much though because my makeup later on was easily sliding off. So because of that I wasn’t TOO impressed. I expected it to have that dry oil effect I guess but I really think I put too much product. 

I will try it again though but will apply it with a sponge so it can absorb all excess.

Keep you posted


Makeup haul

Left to right:

Smashbox new primer oil x2

NYX soft matte lip cream in London and Stockholm

MAC prolongwear concealer in NW15

Benefit Puff off!

Benefit eye primer stay don’t stray 

Marc Jacobs gel eye crayon in black and lipcreme in kiss kiss bang

Benefit mascara Roller Lash

NYX eyebrow pencil in espresso 

Kat Von D Tattoo liner in trooper  x2
Let you know if any new products become some of my favs!! 


Semi-pro makeup seminar


I am finally offering a semi-pro makeup seminar for all aspiring makeup artists. It’s a one-on-one, one day only seminar. I will talk about different products, skin types, tools to use, where to apply what & how! 
Please book your spot now, availability is very limited and for a limited time. Hope to see you!! 
Duration: 5 hours (11-4pm Saturdays Only, for the time being) 

Location: Laval 

Cost: 150$ 

Language seminar’s given: English 
Details on seminar: 1 hour theory, 3 hour working on a model with guidance, 1 hour of finalizing theory and questions. 

You get a handbook with room for your own personal notes, a list of product recommendation and a small goodie bag. 

No specific Requirements

Bring your brushes if you have. 

Please note: no diploma is given nor any recognized document for professional use.

No additional or hidden fees are applied. No purchase necessary nor obligatory. 

Book now!!