Hello Beauties!
So many events coming up? Don’t know what to pack in ur clutch in order to touch up your makeup?
Many bring too much and others not enough. Here’s a little tip on what you should need.

Foundation powder or a translucent powder. The whole point of bringing this along is throughout the night we often get oily in the T-Zone. So with a fluffy powder brush lightly powder the oily areas of your face in order to keep looking flawless especially if taking pictures (you don’t want to look like a disco ball 😛 ).
Oil absorbing sheets or not…. If you have an excessive case of oil throughout the night you can always bring along oil absorbing sheets or if you don’t want to drag all that stuff with you. Take a sheet of toilet paper, seperate the layers, take one layer and dab the oil away then touch up with powder.
Lipstick, liner and or lipgloss. You eat, drink, talk, wipe… your lipstick slightly wears off. Always looks better with a fresh coat of colour rather than a washed off pigment on 😉

This is optional:
If you used a Kohl or regular pencil liner, normally those tend to leak, bringing it along won’t hurt.

Why not bring mascara. Often I see ladies touching up their mascara in the powder room, unless you forgot to put before you left your home, you don’t need to touch up it’ll only make it clumpier and spider looking and its no longer flattering.

Have a nice weekend and enjoy your night out… or day out, which ever 😛

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Vintage Rose

Beauties!! Here I have for you a light smokey vintage rose look, I posted this on instagram on saturday. Thought of sharing the colors I used.

Primer: Urban Decay primer potion in original.
Base: all over my lid #519 Perfection by raffael cosmetics (see my “neutralz” pallette post) applied with a flat medium, stiff brush.
Outer corner: Mixed #466 Harlem and #108 from raffael cosmetics applied with a stiff dome brush and blended with fluffy blending brush.
Crease: #49 blended it out with a clean and dry fluffy blending brush.
Brow bone and inner corner of the eye: #403.
Bottom liner: #133-a with a thin flat brush square-cut brush.
Top liner: Brown felt liner by Raffael.
Mascara: Korres in Osidian black, volumizing.
Eye brows: #6 golden brown filled in with a flat angled brush.
Lips: #448 Love lust by Raffael.
Blush: Mixed #293 Mellow and #200  Douce by Raffael.

Hope you like this! Vintage is the way to go! So classic and beautiful!

Basic face routine

Hello Beauties!
It’s been a while since I haven’t done a basic daily face routine. Since the weather is getting hotter, slowly but surely, it will be changing soon. But for now here is what I use:

Primer: Raffael Cosmetics HD Primer. Smooth canvas and helps hold my makeup intact all day.
Foundation: Mac mineralize Moisture foundation in NC20.
Powder: Raffael Cosmetics Duo powder in C35.
Blush: Raffael Cosmetics #293 mellow with a touch of #329 bare skin.
Bronzer: Mac mineralize skin finish in Medium/Dark.
Mascara: Korres in Obsidian black (volumizing mascara and so far my favorite).
Eye brows: Raffael Cosmetics in Golden brown #6 with a thin angled brush.
Lips: For a nude look Raffael cosmetics: #399 Pussycat or for a touch of color: #448 Love lust hi gloss.

That’s it!! 🙂 ❤

For those of you who follow my wedding plans and would like a small update: since it’s still (almost) a year away and I have  already booked the important things, I’m kind of on a stand by (cause its still early) in order to  finalize details and book the rest of the vendors. For now I’m planning a small, cozy engagement party for September. So I’m concentrating on that for now. 😉
(I may not talk about her everyday, I may not talk about it very often either but I think of her literally every DAY. Ever single moment that passes I miss her even more. She’s always in my heart and I love her!! To my number one fan, as usual! ❤ )


Hello Beauties!

I’d like to share with you my favorite eye shadows, I created my own neutral palette from my Raffael cosmetics eye shadows. YES! They’re all from Raffael Cosmetics. I love them because they have a velvety texture, very pigmented and smooth consistency. I never had issue with applying layers of color to create dark effects and never had that chalky finish like some other brands do.
So here are MY favorite neutrals that I carry all the time with me.

photo (2)


Starting from 1st top left going down:
#475 : matte peachy perfect for base or blending for light to medium skin tones.
#80: matte light brown with a HINT of  yellow undertone, good for medium base or blending.
#519: (called Perfection for a reason and my personal favorite) very shimmery medium beige with a pink undertone. Very nice as a base or for inner corner.

Top 2nd, going down again:
#255: matte brown, peach undertone. Good for a neutral smokey in the outer corner or for blending in the crease for medium to dark skin tones.
#403: satin finish, light beige with a pink undertone to it. Great color for a base or inner corner even for highlighting  the brow bone.
#50: highlighter slightly satin, very neutral. Ideally for light to medium skin tones.

3rd row going down:
#419: matte brown, peach undertone. Great for light to medium skin tones for either blending the crease or as a medium base color.
#417: matte brown-pink. Medium base or a lighter smokey effect in the outer corner.
#133-A: matte charcoal-brown, pink undertone. Perfect for a neutral smokey in the outer corner.

4rth row, going down:
#466: matte medium brown with a hint of purple, goes well with hazel eyes. Great for the outer corner.
#121: matte charcoal. Perfect medium base for a dark smokey eye.
#489: shimmery cranberry, nice base for green and blue eyes even brown.

5th rown going down:
#49: matte, medium cranberry perfect to blend or as a base. Compliments green and hazel eyes and gives a different smokey eye effect that makes it much more interesting than just brown.
#494: matte golden brown. I usually fill in brows with this color for dark blond hair. Good for blending and as a medium base color.
#108: matte, dark brown with a purple hint to it. Great to fill in eye brows for red heads and makes a fun neutral smokey eye when used in the outer corner.

Last 2 on the right:
#464: perfect matte pure black, so pigmented don’t need much color build-up  to get that perfect result.
#85: matte light highlighter for light to medium skin tones. Perfect for under the brow and the inner corner

This is my idea of best neutrals from all the colors I’ve worked with. I don’t only work with Raffael cosmetics but the colors are just great. I love these eye shadows.
Not only is the quality amazing, they’re from Canada and they’re very affordable.
To purchase either shop online at: or contact me by email if you’re in the area.

**All these products were purchased with my own money and I did not get paid to write this review. This is purely my opinion and more than glad to share it with you.