Summer lips

Famous summer lipstick swatches!

I always show you ladies my Raffael lipsticks because that’s the only brand of lipstick I wear. They’re creamy, long lasting, pigmented, they don’t dry up and I can finish my latte and there’s still color on my lips, c’mon that’s AMAZING :P… I posted a review on raffael lipsticks if you need more details go read it.

Here are the swatches of summer hits:
The only one that is missing is Bambi #87 (i forgot it at my sisters house 😛 )

photo (2)

Peony is a pink coral bright color, completely matte. Perfect with a winged liner and barely need to touch up because of the pigment.

Pretty smart is an almost red-pinky matte but has shine (not shimmer) but leaves a luscious look. This too paired with a winged liner or a very light smudged liner with lots of mascara, would look great.

Bibi is a light orange with an ever so slight shimmer leaving lips cool and silky looking for a summer “wet”  look. A natural smokey eye would look amazing with this lip color.

Pussycat is a completely matte, nude with a orange undertone. Great with a dark smokey eye either black, green, brown, purple… anything!

Dewy is the perfect shiny (again, not shimmery) luscious nude with a pinky-purple undertone as compared to pussycat. Great for any look, nude look, smokey, winged liner…

Hope you all find your perfect summer shades. Oh and don’t be afraid to test different colors sometimes a lipstick can change your entire look 😉



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