Teen makeup bag

Hello Girlies!
This weekend I’m giving a makeup class to a birthday party for teens and it inspired me to make a post for you girls! Most young teens are still very new at the whole makeup thing and don’t know what is age-appropriate in their daily makeup bag. So here we go:
note this is only a  suggestion. You don’t NEED all this

For base, using foundation might not be necessary since its very heavy and cakey. A better product choice would be a good tinted moisturizer or a BB cream would be sufficient. (see my tinted moisturizer post)
To seal the tinted moisturizer, a translucent powder will do wonders and absorb any oil residue without piling up color.
Concealer ONLY to cover blemishes when necessary and it should be the exact same color of your skin tone.
For eyes, a brown or black mascara to define eyes.
Last but not least a lipgloss that’s one tone darker than your natural lip color. If you’re not sure stick to a light pink, you can never go wrong! 😉 

To apply your base use disposable sponges and change them regularly or use clean dry fingers. Make sure you toss your used sponge and have clean hands cause you don’t want to spread bacteria on your face. That can cause blemishes and black heads.

You don’t have to have all of these products, you might have less or you might put more but this to me is more than enough. Don’t forget you’re a teen and you’re all beautiful the way you are! Makeup does NOT make someone more beautiful. Everyone has beautiful features and each in your own way. It’s all about learning to love yourself the way you are ❤ 

**Also NEVER share any cream products, mascara, eye liner or anything that goes to your eyes. It contains a lot of bacteria you can get infections by doing so. Please avoid sharing, it’s for your own good!! 🙂

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Thanks girlies xox


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