Pretty smart lips?!

Mind games these titles 😛
I call it pretty smart lips, why you ask? It’s all about the lips… Noooooo it’s because the lipstick is CALLED pretty smart from Raffael Cosmetics. HAAAAHAAAA Got you… or not! 😛

Lately the weather here has been cold, really really cold! So aside from the really pink cheeks due to the extreme cold, I found my face looked blahhhhh.
So I played around with some lip colors to see which would be nice to wear everyday but not too much and then this one caught my attention! It’s been a week now, I wear this look almost every day, the only difference is the eye liner. For a more dramatic look I’ve been wearing black liquid eyeliner or brown depending on what I’m doing or if its only for work I only wear mascara.
It completes a basic look without looking too much, according to some coworkers I look “polished”. Not only is it a nice lip color but it’s also very lasting and does not dry out my lips.


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