Glymm Box – January 2013

First Glymm box of the year!

As you all know, I chose this box as my only subscribtion (if you wanna know why, go see my previous post)…

Ok, so this is what I got in my january edition:

-Metallic silver/bronzy makeup case
-Coolway Boost serum: sample up to 5 uses. This is a hair restoring serum activated by low heat.
-360 skincare Lavender mint firming serum: sample up to 14 uses. Makes skin vibrant, youthful and radiant. Oh and Cruelty FREE 😉
-Lashem Double trouble Mascara: sample up to 14 uses. Suppose to enhance lash growth, gives volume and good for sensitve and fragile lashes… Interesting! 😛
-La Fresh Facial cleansing wipes: got 2 samples, 2 uses.  Perfect for on-th-go!
-Burts bees moisturizing cream: extra sample…

On the little booklet, there’s a promotion for a limited time only Sheswai nail lacquer trio for 36$ value of 48$. Also Lashem dynamic duo (mascara and liquid liner) for 32$ value of 40$.

I haven’t tried any products yet but every few months I’ll be posting a favorite beauty box samples and let you know which ones made me want or actually buy full size products.
To subscribe to this beauty box, click on the link on the right side bar: Subscribe to Glymm box HERE.


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