Semi-pro makeup seminar


I am finally offering a semi-pro makeup seminar for all aspiring makeup artists. It’s a one-on-one, one day only seminar. I will talk about different products, skin types, tools to use, where to apply what & how! 
Please book your spot now, availability is very limited and for a limited time. Hope to see you!! 
Duration: 5 hours (11-4pm Saturdays Only, for the time being) 

Location: Laval 

Cost: 150$ 

Language seminar’s given: English 
Details on seminar: 1 hour theory, 3 hour working on a model with guidance, 1 hour of finalizing theory and questions. 

You get a handbook with room for your own personal notes, a list of product recommendation and a small goodie bag. 

No specific Requirements

Bring your brushes if you have. 

Please note: no diploma is given nor any recognized document for professional use.

No additional or hidden fees are applied. No purchase necessary nor obligatory. 

Book now!!


Hello Sunshines

What is done in love is done well – It’s that time of the year where we ALL doll up for our SPRING & SUMMER occasions so book in advance your makeup consultation. Visit me on INSTAGRAM: cpmakeup

Love Kissing Gold Lips #makeup, #lips, #pinsland,

Summer schedule!! Important info

Hello ladies!!

Very important message about my summer-fall schedule. For those of you who still need appointments and wedding bookings please do it soon.
I have very few availability on Saturdays left, so here is an update to help. 


May 16: still have a bit of room left 

May 23: still have room

May 30: COMPLETE! 

 June 6: still have a bit of room left
June 13: still have a bit of room left
June 20: still have a bit of room left
June 27: COMPLETE!  

July is still clear! Low month 

August is COMPLETE except August 15 free. 

As for September it is VERY LIMITED, only booking first 2-3 weeks then I’m handing over my work to Maria Paras due to Maternity leave. You can still book through me as I’m booking for Maria Paras. 

 Thank you and have a wonderful wedding season to all!! xox

2015 Makeup Goals

Hi Beauties!

I’ll try to keep this as short as possible but feel like i have SO much to say, just wanted to share with you my 2015 resolutions and progress of 2014.

It’s pretty simple, I dont like making too many resolutions and I like to keep it simple without over-promising!¬†I dont want to give precise info or a specific number cause I rather over deliver.

I’ll try my best in every way possible to keep this going all year long. ūüôā

My first goal is to try to post more often on my blog and Instagram.

My second goal is to try to remember to take pics of all of my work and post more looks. (I’m terrible at remembering to take pics of my clients, thank God I have photoshoots here and there! lol)

This year I would like to start finalizing the “look”¬†of¬†my work. In other words, this blog, my logo, my cards and everything related to my makeup is “temporary” until I find myself in the world of makeup and I think I’ve reached that stage. I’ve perfected some personal and makeup goals and feel ready to project¬†the image I have in my head of my work to¬†you guys.

2014 was a great year in many ways in my life from personal things to makeup. I got married to my best friend and most amazing partner. He supports me in every way and thank God everyday to have him in my life. One of my best friends got pregnant and is expecting a beautiful baby girl in February 2015. I gained a makeup partner, my sister, my best friend. She’s so talented it’s crazy, she learned so quickly she went pro in no time! I couldn’t ask for more. I’ve done makeup on the most beautiful people this year inside and out. I was blessed with such great and friendly clients, funny and most caring wedding parties!! None of my appointments felt like a job… It was amazing!

I’m hoping 2015 will be just as great as 2014, if not better! I also wanted to congratulate once again all my 2014 brides. Thank you to all my clients and friends you made my year extra special.

Happy New Year, be safe and all the best for 2015. Lots of health, happiness, inner peace and lots of love.


Opinion on Beauty box


A while ago, I was subscribed to a couple of beauty boxes, some failed in the business but I started researching again. So I subscribed to Topbox for now. I pay 13.80$/month.
Got my first box last week. Do you guys want me to do “Box reveals” or Reviews on the products.

Let me know

Work Routine

Hello Beauties!!

I wanted to share with you my work essentials. I do this all the time.

Oh I have to mention. I have very dehydrated skin so lately before bed after washing my face, I’ve been slathering some raw organic coconut oil. Aside from the delicious smell, I wake up with perfect skin!!!
Ok so I dont really put a base even though I should. I use my Nars Radiant creamy concealer in Vanilla under my eyes, around my nose and chin. I blend it very well with my Lise Watier pointed precision brush.

Then I fill in my eyebrows with the Nars Brow Perfector in Caucasse.

With a fluffy blush brush I blend in my favorite bronzer/shader by Nars in Laguna.

And lastly a small coat of Korres mascara in Obsidian black.

I occasionally put a bit of radiant cream foundation by Nars and sometimes I blend in a bit of eye liner in my waterline some 24/7 Urban Decay in Blackmarket.

So that’s it, even though I’m a makeup artist I dont wear a tone of makeup on a daily basis.
Also I really can’t live without these products listed up here…

Note: I am never paid to write these posts. It is my own honest  opinion.


Wedding cry tips!!

Hello Beauties and Brides!!
I got inspired by a client for this post…
Everyone cries at weddings and this can totally ruin your makeup.
Here are some do’s and don’ts to make sure you keep your makeup as perfect as possible on your wedding day.

DON’T pile up a mask of foundation on your face. If you cry too much, to the point where it runs down your face it’ll streak. Keep your foundation simple and light. Make sure its the perfect shade and not darker than your skintone.

DO use a water-proof mascara (not recommended for daily use and it’s more like water-resistant)

DON’T wipe your tears away, dab with a kleenex and air your eyes to dry them. Yes! very girly ūüėõ

DON’T put eyeliner at the bottom waterline. If anything avoid putting anything at lower lashline. If you really feel like you have to, then just line the bottom using a matte dark brown or black eyeshadow.

DO dab away any oil and dirt with either an oil absorbing sheet or a one-layer toilet paper sheet.

DO touch up with powder after removing excess oil.

DON’T ever rub your eyes the day of your wedding, you’ll smudge your eye shadow and liner.

That’s the best thing I can suggest.
Thanks to Jennifer ūüėČ
Enjoy your day Ladies!!

Sneaky peaky

Ahhh the best part of my job: photoshoots!! Truly amazing!!
Great models, great helpers and great photographer!! Vince is a ball to work with!! Link is on the side, thanks to Vince.
Here’s a quick sneak peak from an iPhone and no filter


Beauty boxes: Products I considered

Hello Beauties!!!

I had said I was gonna let you know what products struck me as good ones from my beauty boxes. I have extremely dry skin but not any cream works for me. If the content of the cream is too rich my skin does not absorb it and some just simply don’t get rid of the flaky dry desert on my face hahaha!!
Since I have a lot of products that I tried, I’m really putting the only¬†ones that really stood out to me the most.
This one I actually purchased:
Benta Berry La Creme G-1: I had 2 different types of this brand of moisturizer¬†and used both mostly to mix my foundation to make a daily¬†tinted moisturizer. This Benta Berry is a water based moisturizer therefore did not decompose my foundation when mixing it on my hand. My regular foundation is a water base as well. If you mix oil base with water you’ll see the foundation decompose and doesn’t have great results. It’s a non comedogenic which means does not contain harsh chemicals that block pores and good for acne prone or sensitive skin.
Cyber Derm H2O Hydration and every morning: In general I love this brand and once again I got a few different samples of this brand. I loved all of them. I actually saw a difference in my skin. I used this for daily moisturizer, flakes and harsh dry skin was gone. All that was left was a clean and glowy skin. I even tried the night anti-age cream and really felt fresh and moisturized.  I will probably be purchasing some of these creams in the near future. I still have some left as samples because I fluctuate moisturizers for different results. So all of these can be part of my top 5.
360 Skincare Lavender mint firming serum: It didn’t DRAMATICALLY remove all wrinkles and fine lines around the eye area¬†but the smell is soo soothing and it’s¬†rich without being too rich. My skin fully absorbs the product even if I leave a thick layer under my eyes. I put this before I go to bed and find myself looking more rested than usual. It’s cruelty free, has a lot of natural ingredients and it really smells good.
Last but not least…
Villainess Dulces en fuego: OMGoodnes!! I LOVE the smelllllll, I can actually be obsessed¬† with this body cream. I dont find its the BEST moisturizing¬†body¬†cream¬†in the world¬†but the smellllllllll……… Its like a sweet cinnamon yummy smell. I can just put this on my hands all day long and never get sick of the smell. I was even putting this on my nose so I can just smell this. YES it was that good ūüėõ I didn’t buy the full size yet but I will very soon.
That’s it for now. There’s other products that I really enjoyed and worked but these so far are the ones that stood out the most like I said.

See you soon!!!

Side note: My sister is really good with fashion tips and accessorizing and putting outfits together (and not spending big bucks to look like a million bucks). I’m trying to convince her to start posting on my blog¬†and putting up¬†pictures and maybe¬†making videos. She’s just¬†shy but together we make a great team, “like”¬†or comment on¬†this post to support her to do it with me!! Yayyyyy, Thumbs up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!