Beauty boxes: Products I considered

Hello Beauties!!!

I had said I was gonna let you know what products struck me as good ones from my beauty boxes. I have extremely dry skin but not any cream works for me. If the content of the cream is too rich my skin does not absorb it and some just simply don’t get rid of the flaky dry desert on my face hahaha!!
Since I have a lot of products that I tried, I’m really putting the only ones that really stood out to me the most.
This one I actually purchased:
Benta Berry La Creme G-1: I had 2 different types of this brand of moisturizer and used both mostly to mix my foundation to make a daily tinted moisturizer. This Benta Berry is a water based moisturizer therefore did not decompose my foundation when mixing it on my hand. My regular foundation is a water base as well. If you mix oil base with water you’ll see the foundation decompose and doesn’t have great results. It’s a non comedogenic which means does not contain harsh chemicals that block pores and good for acne prone or sensitive skin.
Cyber Derm H2O Hydration and every morning: In general I love this brand and once again I got a few different samples of this brand. I loved all of them. I actually saw a difference in my skin. I used this for daily moisturizer, flakes and harsh dry skin was gone. All that was left was a clean and glowy skin. I even tried the night anti-age cream and really felt fresh and moisturized.  I will probably be purchasing some of these creams in the near future. I still have some left as samples because I fluctuate moisturizers for different results. So all of these can be part of my top 5.
360 Skincare Lavender mint firming serum: It didn’t DRAMATICALLY remove all wrinkles and fine lines around the eye area but the smell is soo soothing and it’s rich without being too rich. My skin fully absorbs the product even if I leave a thick layer under my eyes. I put this before I go to bed and find myself looking more rested than usual. It’s cruelty free, has a lot of natural ingredients and it really smells good.
Last but not least…
Villainess Dulces en fuego: OMGoodnes!! I LOVE the smelllllll, I can actually be obsessed  with this body cream. I dont find its the BEST moisturizing body cream in the world but the smellllllllll……… Its like a sweet cinnamon yummy smell. I can just put this on my hands all day long and never get sick of the smell. I was even putting this on my nose so I can just smell this. YES it was that good 😛 I didn’t buy the full size yet but I will very soon.
That’s it for now. There’s other products that I really enjoyed and worked but these so far are the ones that stood out the most like I said.

See you soon!!!

Side note: My sister is really good with fashion tips and accessorizing and putting outfits together (and not spending big bucks to look like a million bucks). I’m trying to convince her to start posting on my blog and putting up pictures and maybe making videos. She’s just shy but together we make a great team, “like” or comment on this post to support her to do it with me!! Yayyyyy, Thumbs up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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