Glymm box – June 2012

Here we are again! Another month full of goodies!
I was once again impressed with this month’s glymm box. There was a variety of things to experiment with and looking forward to trying. I will be making a video or blog about some products I recently received in subscribed beauty boxes that I enjoyed and will consider buying.
So for this months Glymm box here’s what I received:

Since last month Glymm decided to go “green” (eco-friendly). I received all my samples in a cute royal blue satin makeup bag with the Glymm logo. Very interesting. I can re-use it or gift it along with other little beauty related things to complete it 😉

2 Acetone-free nail polish remover pads – La Fresh (already tried it, smells good and doesn’t dry out nails)

A duo lip stick/ Lip balm Harmony – Belvada in a peachy nude color

A smoothing marine cream – Clark’s & Botanicals (reduces fine lines, inflammation and redness)

Skin solution oil – Vitamine & Sea (fully natural, no fragrance, repairs damaged cells)

When you first open it up you think: Hey this is not a lot… But if you look at the price value of the actual full size procucts and the quality you are receiving, it’s well worth it.
I hoped you enjoyed. If you want to subscribe to Glymm box (12$/month) click on the side bar “Subscribe to Glymm box HERE” it’ll take you directly to the site.



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