Favorite products for the month of June

I obvioulsy couldn’t help myself… but I purchased a few new products last month and now I have to share it with you but only the favorites made it on this list and some products well I already had but “re-discovered” them 😀

The first product I’d love to tell you about is the highlighter Prep+prime in Radiant Rose By MAC:
I’ve actually replaced my concealer for this product. I dab some with my fingers under the eyes and it’s like I slept for hours and hours! I also use it to highlight some areas on my face. It’s amazing!

Next, I’m now in love with the mineralized blush Dainty by MAC:
Since I have dry skin, that small amount of shine in the blush leaves a great finish on my cheeks and obviously it’s pink 😛 (yes! I LOVE pink) 

My third fav product of the month would be the Mineralize Skin Finish Natural in Medium/ Dark by MAC:
This does not leave behind a heavy powdery look. I use it as a bronzer and contouring powder and IF I ever tan maybe as a powder 😛 I love the finish, it has a hint of shine (not very visible) but again looks great and natural.

You’ll always catch me wearing lip gloss but what I have beneath is what makes my lips look full and defined! I’m obsessed with lip liner in Sienna by Raffael cosmetics. It’s the perfect shade and used this on clients where they said “Hey, how come my lip gloss looks better when YOU put in on?” … Because lip liners define lips and make the lip color pop! That’s my reply… People forget how much a little thing can do so much 😉

Last but not least, Mascara Xtension Plus by Marcelle. I find it perfectly seperates my lashes and doesn’t feel heavy. Since I already have long lashes, for everyday this mascara adds definition and not too much volume. I got this in my GlossyBox in may I think as a full size product and I would’ve never had considered this product if i hadn’t received it. So, Ya!

That’s it for Products of May-June (since I didn’t do one for a while)… I felt like I disappeared for a bit but I’ll try to post a bit more often once again. Please don’t forget to subscribe to my blog in order to get notified whenever I post, also keep checking on certain occassions my portfolio since I randomly add pictures whenever 😛


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