My hair routine

For people who don’t really know me and my hair type / history. I have naturally loose waves that become extremely frizzy and dry.
It’s been years (around 10 years, if not more) I’ve had all shades of red hair (strawberry blond, flashy bright red, purple red …) but always in the red tones. I used to NOT put so much care into my hair. I’d never do treatments, used any kind of drugstore shampoos and conditioners, I also used to think that if I didn’t cut it, it’ll grow more…
About a year and a half ago I had a good trim, my hair needed it so badly it had almost been 1 year and a half I hadn’t gone to a professional hairdresser. After cutting it, I realized that my roots showed up a lot faster, so I had to dye my hair more often (also used to do it myself). Then I read up on hair and why regular cuts should be done. So it became a habbit to get a trim every 2-3 months. With time I also experimented with shampoos and creams slightly higher quality than regular drugstore brands to see if there was an actual difference in my hair… And to my discovery, there was. I then realized I had neglected my hair too long. But those days are gone!!
Recently I felt like I needed a change so I’m slowly getting rid of my red hair going back to dark blond, light brown! 😉

Products I am currently using:
Tigi Bed Head Shampoo and Conditioner Urban Anti+Dotes Recovery: It makes my hair SUPER soft and I don’t fully wash out the condioner since I have dry, frizzy hair.
I always put a heat protector which for the moment it’s a product sold only to Hair Salons and I don’t remember the name (got this as a gift from a hairdresser) 😐 but any heat protector should do the work.
Moroccanoil Treatment oil: I put some on my ends before I blow dry straight or add some at my ends when curly. I don’t know why but by doing it so, I get different results.
L’Oreal Elnett Extra hold: I don’t always use hair spray it’s actually very rare.
Got2B Powderful: for when I need a boost of volume.
Wella Hair treatment: Leave this for a few hours then rinse off. Helps for the dry ends between dyes. 😉

I’ve seen a big difference on my hair, it might not work for everyone but it does for me. Regular trims do help keep the hair healthy and helps with normal hair growth.
Also if you’re curious to know about my hair color transition. I’m actually doing it professionally, I stripped my hair with an Ammonia and Bleach free product and I died with a natural dye in Shade 9. It’s still currently dark, but I should be going this week to do small streaks all over in shade 7 and I might be using bleach this time. During the 3 weeks, every week I did at least 1 treatment. I still got split ends, but my hair is not fried. Once I’m completely done, I will post a picture.

Also for those of you who don’t know what shade 9 is, it’s like a light brown almost blond-ish (which mine came out darker due to the red I had underneath) and shade 7 is 2 tones lighter wich hopefully will look dirty blond or dark blond.

Ps I’m almost done renovating, patience… I’ll get some videos up and going soon. Thanks


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