Review on Raffael Cosmetics LIPSTICKS

If you don’t know Raffael Cosmetics, it’s a canadian makeup line sold exclusively in studios, salons and schools. Raffael products are all hypo-allergenic, fragrance-free, non-comodeogenic (ideal for acne-prone skin), very pigmented and made in Canada. For more details on the company and its products just visit:

Today, I wanted to talk to you about the amazing lipsticks by Raffael Cosmetics. Honestly I was never a HUGE fan of lipsticks in the past. I find that most lipsticks, apart from being creamy, they wouldn’t last and weren’t very pigmented. 
When I tried Raffael’s lipstick for the first time, all it took was one application and I was HOOKED!! No joke!! Not only are the lipsticks super creamy, they are surprisingly very pigmented and longlasting. Oh! AND affordable!! You can take 20 sips from your latte and still have that “stain” on. Even my clients tell me all the time. 
I was hosting a makeup event and it was my first time wearing a Raffael lipstick (shade 540 Mirage: a beautiful dark pink). During that event, I must say for 3 hours straight I was blabbing away, wipping my mouth and constantly sipping on water (cause I was talking so much 😛 ). In my head I kept thinking “O.M.G. my lipstick must be allover my face I’m sure I look like a clown!!” I couldn’t really leave the event, I was the hostess. Eventually when the event started to calm down, I escaped to the wash room and to my surprise…. The lipstick looked intact and did not bleed or smear. I was SO impressed!

Raffael cosmetics has lots of colors to choose from. My favorite and most popular shades are:
Reds: Tapis Rouge and Brazened
Dark pink: Mirage
Pinks: Fantasme, Love Lust and Cherine
Coral/Peachy: Lola and Barbarella
Nudes: Chouchou, Sophia and Elegante

Don’t forget to always use a lipliner beneath your lipstick, not only to help keep the color but it also defines your lips and makes the color of your lipstick and lipgloss stand out more! 😉
Have fun with your shades. If you want to visit Raffael cosmetics go the side bar and click on the link.

I was not paid to write this review or sponsored. I purchased all products myself. All opinions are my own 100%.


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