Hello Girlies!

Here’s an outfit of the day. This look is a casual-nice :


Boots: are from X2B (borrowed from my sister shhhh! 😛 ) They are buckled at the top near the calves, high heal. The buckle slighly adds edge and makes it look more casual.
Skinny jeans: from Forever 21 a few months ago. Dark blue, stretch. Super versatile. You can wear them with flats, heals, boots, sandals… I have 3-4 pairs I wear these all the time.
Black stretch tank top: from Forever 21, well its a tank top soooo ya, very useful
Blouse: from Dynamite. Black see-through, with black and gold trim buttons and sleeves tie with same black gold trim button. This too can be versatile. You can add a belt since its loose or just wear it as is. To make it more sexy at a night out, you dont HAVE to put a tank top under.
Makeup: lipstick speed dial from MAC, eyes: carbon, print, all that glitters and jest.
I took this pic before I wore accessories but all I added was a small metal-dark grey bracelet  that a very good friend made.

Hope you have a good day



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