Optimus PRIME!!

Ok no transformers here, but if you think about it properly it does kinda seem like that. Face primers and eye primers DO transform. I’d like to share with you guys my favorite primers for eyes and face and for what skin types. This is my opinion and from my experience so far, it can be differ from person to person and may not necessarily work for you.

In general they pretty much all work but some have different texture and finishes therefore have a slightly different outcome. Personally I use all of them but depending on the look I want to acheive I alternate but these are my favorites.

The best so far is Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion. This is ideal for most type of eyes and looks, but I find it holds the color very well and easy to blend colors over it and layering. It goes on with a slightly oily feel but has a nice silky finish without being oily.
My second choice would be Raffael cosmetic Prime Time. This has a thick texture wich allows you to layer and put a nice amount of eyeshadows especially with black or vibrant colors. It holds it in place and  does not crease but it’s not ideal for people who have very oily lids.
My third choice is MAC’s paint pots in any shade. This too goes on very creamy and oily feel but dries as a powder, there is a variety of shades that can even be left alone with no worries of creasing. You can play with the eyeshadows to get different looks. This is good for anyone but idealy for people with very oily lids.

Here it’s tricky there are soooo many to choose from and the choices are tough…

Oily: Best bet is to go for MAC’s mattifying gel. Soaks up all excess oil leaving a matte clean look. If you don’t fully want the matte look you can always go for the next one.
Combination: Smashbox Photo finish primer. It evens out skin tone, leaves you with a perfect canvas for foundation or powder.
Dry: (smashbox would work as well) but my favorite is Cover FX Anti-aging primer. The reason why I like this one is because when your face is dry it tends to “crack” in some areas. This has a slight oily finish which slightly fills in those “cracks” and leaves a nice clean, dewy finish. Also good for people who have fine lines and wrinkles.

The importance of primers: it’s self-explanitory, it preps your face for a better finish. It creates a good base for your foundation or powder and holds it much longer than putting your foundation alone. Many people have spent so much money on products which thought they did not get the results they expected but that’s because they never put a base. That’s  why you hear people say they want a long lasting foundation cause the one they have doesn’t hold. Sometimes you don’t need all that crazy coverage foundation, all you need is a good base and a decent tinted moisturizer (please review my tinted moisturizer posted a few months ago to save money on this).

I hope this helps some of you with your daily routine and helps you save money on “disappointing” products when sometimes all you need is a good base.
Happy Valentine’s day to you all!!


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