Hair “Poof” Magic… Well, almost!!

OOOOk so a week ago I bought the Got2B  Powder’ful volumizing powder. I used it all week (like literally everyday) with different looks. I really love how it boosts up the hair with VOLUME! The only think I’m not crazy over is the texture of it, feels weird. . I tried just putting powder directly onto hair and also applying it with my fingertips. The best way to apply this is with your fingertips, rub the product on the area where volume is mostly needed!! For the amount of $$ I think it’s great!! So you have boring flat hair? Add some of this to your roots, play around with it to give it some hold and there you go… Magic !!  haha


One thought on “Hair “Poof” Magic… Well, almost!!

  1. ellesy says:

    i think i’m going to try this product as my hair is always so flat. i apply my powder dry shampoo with a powder puff so you might want to try that with this powder to get a more even application. or you could use a big makeup brush if you have an extra lying around! 🙂


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